hippocamp ruins pet sounds

Temporal Enhancement




















Label: No Label / Date: 2005








Here are some things that need to be said: Pet sounds is an album that everyone should own, study, cherish, and enjoy.

Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds is an open-ended experiment conducted out of reverence, curiosity, and awareness of the sobering fact that you can't improve upon perfection.

Despite the fact that the release is named Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds, Hippocamp does not endorse the creation or distribution of this work. At no time was hippocamp.net involved with distributing this material to the public. Hippocamp's involvement has been explicitly limited to providing a forum where the artists could plan the project before its completion and where fans could discuss the values and cultural ramifications of such a piece of art.

As the project tended towards completion we began to contemplate the merit of the art we were making and what it meant to the artists involved. It became apparent that the values of such a project were greater than we had anticipated. We believe the recognition of these ideas reinforces the project's merit as a piece of critical commentary to be freely disseminated and discussed.

Here are some of the key concepts regarding Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds:

1. The songs that form Pet Sounds are timeless and as relevant today as they ever were.

2. Recontextualizing the sounds, lyrics, and feelings of the original work can transform the listening experience entirely.

3. Anything we meager bedroom artists shall ever hope to accomplish will never hold a torch to the masterpiece that is the original Pet Sounds.

4. We hope that any fans of the Beach Boys with no previous electronic music listening experience may discover an appreciation for the stuff and vice versa.

5. We relish the opportunity to increase public awareness about the original Pet Sounds and perhaps increase album sales as a result.

6. The recognizable elements of Pet Sounds are still beautiful when presented in a drastically altered form.

7. Perhaps this demonstrates in an exaggerated way how pervasive the influence of classics such as Pet Sounds may be.

Support Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys! Buy an album! See a live show! Great music never dies.